I Drove By this Strip Mall 7 Times Before I Noticed…

Bobby at Petoskey Brewing turned me on to the smashed burger–a juicy mound of Angus beef served Signature-style topped with local bacon, cheddar, and house-made secret sauce.  According to the Petoskey staff what makes their burger so outstanding is the beef, a custom blend supplied by Toski Sands Market, “Right up the road.”

I’m one of those travelers who refuses to ask directions. For me, “right up the road” usually means miles of wandering.  But as it turned out, Toski Sands Market really is right up the road. Seven drive-bys later I found it.


Toski Sands Market is a nondescript, faded-green, wooden structure that could easily be mistaken for the local barbershop or a hair salon if you missed the sign above the door.  Don’t let the outward appearance deter you as this market is packed with a selection of wine, liquors, craft beers, cheese, and fresh seafood that would be the envy of any big-city specialty shoppe. For the ultimate Market experience, walk back to the meat case and talk to Cliff.

When was the last time a CIA-trained chef in uniform helped you select the right cut of beef?

Cliff wears a chef’s uniform reflecting his formal education and years of experience managing and owning restaurants. As he told me, he is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York.  Notable CIA alums include Cat Cora, Todd English, Michael Symon, and the late Anthony Bourdain.

Chef Cliff with two 3-inch thick Prime tenderloins.

Steaks, roasts, tomahawk chops…jaw-dropping cuts to say the least. Until I visited the Toski Sand meat counter I was convinced that the best grade of beef you could find outside of a high-end steakhouse or specialty mail-order was “Choice.” Not so! This meat case is stacked with Prime grade beef artfully marbled and just begging for a reverse-sear for melt in your mouth perfection. How thick do you want it? Cliff will cut to your order. Seeking some otherworldly pleasures? Cliff tipped me off that back in the meat locker he has an assortment of Waygu, the Holy Grail of beef cows. “This is what I love about my job. Way less stress, a beautiful area in which to live, and making people happy.”

Thank you, Bobby, Cliff, and Toski Sand Market.

Getting there. 

Toski Sand is located opposite the entrance to Petoskey State Park and a short drive from Petoskey KOA.

Toski Sands Market

2294 Petoskey Harbor Springs Road (M-119)










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